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Lessons my daughter taught me during grief

When you lose someone you love, life gets serious fast. Grief speaks directly to the heart of who we see ourselves to be and our place in the world. And for a season, we have to lay down tools to give ourselves space to wrap our minds around the new normal. I am no strangerContinue Reading “Lessons my daughter taught me during grief”

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Guarding the heart through pain and heartache: my story

In my twenties I carried not only my own scars, but those of others. I had a crash-course in unhealthy relationships and the painful consequences of not yet establishing personal boundaries. I have been married twice. Yes, I did just admit to that! Since today I am in a healthy, loving and supportive marriage, youContinue Reading “Guarding the heart through pain and heartache: my story”

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Confessions of an anti-homemaker

This post is unexpected.  In fact, it is hard to believe I’m thinking about homemaking, let alone writing about it. But, recently God has been showing me His heart for homemaking, and it has been quite surprising. My confession I fiercely resisted being taught anything related to life in the home when I was young.Continue Reading “Confessions of an anti-homemaker”